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Gardening: Welcome

Garden Maintenance & Deisgn

Professional local wildlife friendly gardening services covering Standish and the Wigan area. I offer a range of services from regular garden work, plant care and maintenance to bigger design changes and one-off jobs.

Gardening: Features

Garden design

Bored of a space? Is your garden too plain? Overcrowded? Poorly managed struggling plants or difficult soil?

I can help you see potential options and beautiful solutions. I can organise what you need and get the job done well.

I'm experienced in making and caring for flower beds and borders for all seasons and conditions.


Plant care

 Keeping plants alive can be daunting, and people often buy whatever they think looks nice without knowing fully. This can be expensive and sometimes cause more harm than good when plants fail, and we don't know why.

I can provide you with reliable and honest information that you can come to whenever you have doubts. We can do this without costing the earth financially and physically. I can help you diagnose plant health issues early before the plants come to harm.

Humane Pest and Disease Support

Help overcome the stigmas of perfect flower expectations of the past, prevention of disease, and management of diseases and pests.

Slugs and snails

Deer & rabbits

Aphids and more…


Garden maintenance

I offer all elements of wildlife friendly gardening, from mowing, trimming shrubs and removing dead wood, deadheading flowers, dividing, plant feeding, watering your garden for you, planting, sowing seeds and bulbs, pruning and much more.


Composting can be overwhelming not only to get a good balance of ingredients but also to turn over and retrieve. This is a task I can do for you.
What to use, what to lose and what soil for which plants?



I can help you grow fruit and vegetables and give extra pair of hands. Want to learn more about our herbs and how to use them? If you want, I can help you feed yourself.

Wildlife ponds

I'm experienced in building wildlife ponds in our community and container ponds. These attract and support wildlife in nature and provide us with wholesome natural beauty and a peaceful corner of the garden.


Private and businesses

I'm available for private gardens for residents, and for local businesses, for example, cafes, pubs and restaurants and more.

Personal Shopper

Send me to professionally pick out your plants and flowers for you. Or you can come with me to gain extra knowledge and savvy shopping. 

I've been along with the cafe owner to set up her dream garden before opening. And I've shopped for a popular local pub and restaurant, The Foresters in Standish.


Gardening Assistant

Hire me to be your gardening buddy and extra muscle for a one off job or long term.


If you'd like a hand in the garden, just get in touch today for a chat and free quotation. 

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