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Premade Hanging Baskets & Containers

Order a beautiful basket or container for your home

Made Bespoke

Locally Sourced flowers

100% Positive Feedback

Long Lasting Beautiful Displays

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Order premade wildlife friendly hanging baskets and containers

These peaceful pollinator friendly plants have a longer lifespan than many of what is available in shops. They’re all individually created with love, as locally sourced as possible and in locally sourced peat free soil.  

Cleverly colour coordinated beautiful floral displays are designed for different spaces to suit the specific environment they’ll live in. This will prevent you from wasting money and killing any precious plants.

They contain healthy perennials that come back year after year and can be planted to grow on at the end of the season.

I’ve personally been making these custom hanging baskets and containers for local businesses and customers with 100% positive feedback.


Regular £20
Large £40

Collection free
Delivery charges

Free to Standish
+ 5 miles = £2.50
+ 10 miles £5

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